Friday, February 7, 2014

Hardcandy Cases Neon Bubble Case Review + Giveaway

Every time here lately when we go to town, I notice just how many people rely on their cellphones and tablets. I, personally, don't have a tablet, well I do, but my charging port broke out of it, and it's out of commission. I have my iPhone, and I rely on it for mainly entertainment. I use wifi based texting, although it's useless when I leave the house, it's free while I'm here. I keep games on mine, and when I have a doctors appointment or have to go somewhere, I can keep myself occupied while waiting or riding. Most people keep their phones or tablets as a source to contact someone if they are in need of them. Since my phone isn't really used all that much, I don't put much into it. It don't have a case, or a screen protector. The screen is scratched up quite a bit. So for my phone, it's a little late to invest in things like that for it.

My husbands phone is a new iPhone 5s, and he takes really good care of it. It has to have a case on it at all times, and although it's worn out, his beat up Otterbox must be on it when he goes to work, so that if it gets ran over by the tractor he's operating (again!) then he doesn't have to worry too much about it. But, who wants to walk around with an ugly beat up case on such a nice phone all the time? 

Hard Candy Cases has a variety of cases for iPhones, and tablets. These cases include the Shock Drop case, which is durable enough for the working man (or woman), and the cool looking Neon Bubble cases, and so many more. Their sister site Gumdrop Cases has a large variety as well.

The Neon Bubble Cases are very stylish and I honestly love how they look. If they had them for iPhone 3gs, then I might would invest in a pretty pink one for my own phone. But, since they don't, my husband got a neon orange case. It fits very snug, and clips all around. The buttons are left uncovered, and so does the screen, so I wouldn't suggest taking your phone near water with this case, because if you drop it, your phone is done. These are attention grabbers, as everyone has noticed it and keeps complimenting it. Take a look, it's pretty cool, right? If your looking for a case with a good grip, this probably wouldn't be one for you, as it is quite slick and will slip right out of your hand.


Looks good on his phone, and I'm quite frankly jealous that I don't have one. If you want to try one, you can purchase them at the Hard Candy Cases website for $34.95, and they come in neon orange, green, blue, and pink.

Or you can enter to win any case of your choice from Hard Candy Cases or Gumdrop Cases! It can be a phone case or a tablet case, whatever you like. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. The giveaway item was donated by the company.


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