Friday, February 14, 2014

Get Unrobed Personalized Satin Kimono Robe Review

This past Christmas, I got a gift I had been wanting for a very long time, a robe. I remember when I was younger, my cousin had a pink one from Aeropostale with monkeys on it, and when I seen it, I knew I had to get one. Therefore, when I ripped off the wrapping paper at Christmas, and found a long sleeve, fleece, pink robe, I was so happy. I wore it just about everyday. My only complaint was, it was extremely warm, which is great for winter, but here in the south, if you wear a fleece, long sleeve robe during summer, you're subjected to have a heat stroke. So, my newest robe is my summer time robe.

I got the chance to review a nice, half sleeve, personalized satin kimono robe from Get Unrobed. I have to say, I really love this robe. I have always been a fan of satin, the silkiness is just heavenly. I had mine personalized with my initials in pink on a black robe, in cursive letters. 

They are quite long in length, and with me being on the shorter side, it's longer than it should be. That's okay though, I like how it fits. They are meant to be worn loosely, well with being 38 weeks pregnant, mine is a tad on the tight side around my belly, but it'll fit like it's suppose to eventually. I have to say as far as the robe itself, I was very impressed. Their shipping, I was very unhappy with. I was supposed to receive this back in November, and just got it a few days ago, two and a half months later. Their website claims embroidered items are shipped within four days of ordering, but that was not the case with me at all. These particular robes are available in these colors: red, blue, black, white, and dark pink. Available in sizes small up to xxxl. You can have up to three letters put on it, and can choose from a variety of colors for the threading. These robes cost $29.99, but are on sale right now for $25.77.

These robes are great, but if you are in a rush to get it, I'd order earlier than you need it.

-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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