Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Bandit

Well, here in our household, we have a new pet. This is Bandit, our new ferret. I'm not going to lie, ever since the first time I played with a ferret at the local pet store many, many years ago, I have been dying for a ferret of my own. They are just the most adorable things I have ever seen. We was trying to rehome the bearded dragon we had, Calypso, as I'm due next month, and we figured the responsibility of a pet alongside the responsibility of our baby would be too much for me to handle. Well, while trying to rehome Calypso, we were contacted by a couple wanting to trade their ferret for our bearded dragon. Although I know I still have a lot of responsibility on my hands, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to finally get a ferret. Take a look, he's quite gorgeous, isn't he?
I did not know until his previous owners told us, but ferrets can be litter box trained. He is, and I just find it so cool that I don't have to clean out a bunch of nastiness from his bedding. I just put a little mulch in his litter box and he goes right to it when he needs to. He's kind of lazy, unless you open his door to his cage and tap on it to get his attention, then he will crawl right out into your arms. I have to admit, I love this little critter.
What do you think? Cute, or too much critter for you?

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  1. Ferrets automatically want to poop in corners. It is so funny. I have two,a male and a female (both spayed and neutered!) They used to run around my house freely, as it seems a bit cruel to keep an animal in a cage. Unfortunately where I live now, I have to keep them in something for their own safety, but I take them outside on a leash often. Their cage is almost 5' tall though, so they have a lot of space. Ferrets need a lot of exercise, are very loud at night, but in return are very loving. Congratulations on your new family member!


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