Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow Review

I have come to realize, time sure does fly during pregnancy. The last few months has flown so fast, but I'm not exactly complaining. I have had a few complications, including off the chart contractions at 34 weeks. That was quite uncomfortable, but with a magical shot in the arm, and pain medication through my IV, they stopped, and I got to take me a lovely nap. 
I'm not going to lie, I'm quite the complainer. I don't like to hurt, or be uncomfortable. I am all baby, seriously. With being all baby, when I try to sleep on my side, all that weight tugs at the side I'm not laying on, and creates quite a bit of problems as far as comfort goes. It makes the side I'm not laying on really sore, and to the point that when I try to move, it feels like I've been beaten with a bat in my sleep. Then my back is in so much pain, it hurts to try to flip over (or roll should I say), or raise up out of bed.
I have found that the perfect solution for this problem is the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow. This pillow is distributed by Fairhaven Health, which has everything you need to get you through your stages of trying to conceive, through pregnancy, and nursing. 
(Sorry about that glare)

The Belly Rest is very compact so you can take it anywhere. You can position it where it is comfortable for you. I have to sleep with mine like it's shown in the third example.
(Credit: Fairhaven Health)

I have to have mine shortened so that it's holding my belly, and sides up, so that my back is fairly straightened out. Everyone is different, so for you, the first or second example may help you more.

(Credit: Fairhaven Health)
This is how the Belly Rest works. The support from this pillow is absolutely amazing. Although I am suffering from insomnia right now, it's not from being uncomfortable. Before I tried the Belly Rest, being uncomfortable did contribute to my sleepless nights, and in a big way. Now, I've gotten the support I need to get comfortable, and with the help of a Benadryl or two, I'm able to have a decent nights sleep, finally.
The Belly Rest can also be very helpful for those of you going on a long ride, or that works somewhere that requires you to sit down all day. If you extend the Belly Rest out all the way (picture 2, example 1), then you can fold it up into a very comfortable pillow to put at your lower back while sitting, and it helps so much. I use mine for this, so that it keeps me from catching horrible cramps in my lower back (which are very hard to get to ease up). I couldn't see not recommending this to all pregnant women. It is very useful, and you will love it.
You can purchase your own Belly Rest from Fairhaven Health for only $39.99.
-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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