Thursday, December 12, 2013

Diamond Nexus Ottilie Necklace Review

I'm under the spell. The Diamond Nexus spell. I have fallen in love with their jewelry, and I have the urge to keep getting more and more, even though I know I can live without it. I love so many of their pieces, but one of my favorites, by far, is one of their cheapest pieces, the Ottilie necklace.

Diamond Nexus can definitely supply you with a gift for anyone. This necklace is breath taking. I love infinity signs, as to me, they are used to signify infinite love for my family. 

Here is a little information on the Ottilie necklace:

  • Total Carat Weight: 0.18
  • Metal Type: Sterling Silver, Rose, or Yellow Gold Vermeil
  • This item does not contain Diamond Nexus simulant stones.
  • This item is not part of our lifetime guarantee.

  • It's a light weight necklace, with a huge statement. It sparkles and glistens in the light, and it will catch anyone's eye.  One thing I adore about this necklace is the ideal length of the chain. I have one necklace and it has a longer chain, so the beautiful pendant is hidden. I hate wearing a beautiful necklace that noone can see. 

    The packaging the necklace arrived in was flawless and perfect. It would be great for an anniversary or birthday present, or as a gift for any other special occasion. It came in a white box with a black bow around it, inside was the small necklace box you see at the top of the post, wrapped in white stuffing paper, and when you open the box, there's the most beautiful necklace centered on a foam necklace holder. 

    Shipping on this necklace isn't the fastest. It takes 8 days for the necklace to be created to your specifications (silver, silver & 14k white gold, or silver & 14k rose gold). After that, depending on the shipping you choose, it could be less that a week, to more than a week. If you want to receive an item by Christmas, you'd need to by atleast today on standard ship items.

    The Ottilie necklace can be purchase on the Diamond Nexus website for only $39.

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