Monday, December 2, 2013

CapriClear Spray-on Moisturizer Review + Giveaway *3 Winners*

With winter showing her face slowly but surely, I am starting to deal with one of very few things that I absolutely hate. Dry skin. Nothing aggravates me more than this. I have the biggest issue with it when I get out of a hot shower, once my skin dries, especially on my legs, they are so dry you can see cracks in my skin, and if any fabric hits it, I start to itch terribly. I hate using lotions though, which is normally the only thing that will give me any kind of relief from the itching. My problem with using lotion is, fragrance. Most lotions make me sneeze like something fierce. I have found one lotion that I like, and it smells like baby lotion, which I love the smell of, and it's Avon Silicone Glove. I have one bottle, and I won it online. Once it's out, I'm not buying anymore. 

I have recently came across an amazing product, CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer. This is made from one, all natural ingredient, coconut oil. Who would have thought of this? Not me, but it's a genius idea. CapriClear is great for dry, itchy, irritated skin, and is also great for eczema. I think the price is just as great as the product itself, only $6.99 for a travel size bottle (1.9 fl oz), or $16.99 for a full size bottle (5.2 fl oz). The bottle has a unique design, so it shouldn't be hard to find.
For those of you with eczema, or have children with it, you know that there is not alot of products that help eczema. When my youngest sister was three years old, my parents found out she had multiple food allergies, and was told that her allergies was more than likely what was causing her eczema breakouts. Ever since then, she's had one patch of eczema on her face, and one on the top of her arm, near her shoulder. These patches don't go away, but when she gets ahold of something she is allergic to, the eczema gets a rougher texture, and starts to get really bumpy. Most products contain something she is allergic to, so she can't use them, but I'm definitely going to suggest this product to my mom, so my sister can get some all natural relief.
Anyways, it is best when used as soon as you get out of the shower. I used it after I patted my skin with the towel, so it was still a little damp, and I didn't have any problems with my skin afterwards. It was silky smooth, and I didn't have any itching, which was a relief to me. I also found that it is a life saver for the terrible itching on my stomach, where stretch marks are trying to finally make their appearance, and since it's just coconut oil, it's completely safe for use during pregnancy, unless you're allergic to coconuts, then don't use it. 
This moisturizer is also safe for use on babies, and trust me, when my son is born, and when his skin needs some moisturizing, I'll be using this. Most baby lotions are so oily when they dry, but since this just leaves your skin soft and smooth, he will be getting a few spritz of this. I think this product is great for everyone. If you use it, and start to have a rash, you may be allergic to it, and you might want to discontinue use of it, and see an allergist. 
You can buy them here, at the CapriClear website, or enter to win a bottle!
There will be 3 winners! So your chances are good!


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