Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Is Coming! Stick Um! Wall Sticky Holder Review+Giveaway

As the holidays draw near, you may start to worry if you have gotten all of your children what they wanted for Christmas, or if the surprise gifts are something they will love. Younger children are always super easy to buy for, considering they are so easy to keep happy. I know when I was little, all me and my younger sister wanted for Christmas was Barbies. We didn't care what Barbies they were, as long as we had new ones, we were two satisfied little girls. Then there's boys, who are entertained for hours with trucks and cars. It's easy enough when they are small, but what about when they are older, like college age? 

I didn't personally attend college, but if I would have, there's no doubt that I would want things for my dorm for Christmas. I'm a gadget person, especially when it comes to things like phones and tablets, yeah that is my kind of thing. There's just one problem, you may not know where to start as far as just looking for college student. I want to introduce you all to a wonderful online store who has a main focus of dorm accessories. Dorm Co. has everything from comfy lounge chairs, to organizers so your college student can keep up with all of their necessities. And of course, for the gadget guru, like myself, they have little things like this product.

The Stick Um! is an all purpose adhesive pad, which can hold up to 1 lb. I love the idea of this, because that means it can hold up small electronics and gadgets, which mine always end up in the floor. With that being said, I think whoever invented this, was an absolute genius! The Stick Um! has a layer of adhesive on the back, that is strong enough to hold the Stick Um! to the wall, but also gentle enough, you can remove it, which is handy if you are using it to hold your phone up at your bedside, and you suddenly decide the room needs a new look.

Please excuse my hideous wall color. I need to get off my lazy butt and paint...bad. It stuck nicely to the wall, didn't slide around, so it was real firm. I removed it from the wall, and stuck it again without any problem at all.

This picture is a little crooked, oh well. As you can see, it holds up a Coby tablet, without any problems. Now only if the tablet was fixed, and in working condition, then things would be great. I tried my husbands iphone, and with the case on, it will not hold at all. Without the case though, it held it up just perfectly. So, if your device has a cover, you'll more than likely have to remove it before the Stick Um! will work. Overall, I think this product would be great for any gadget loving college student. It does hold weight like it's supposed to, and it's just something you should consider if you have a child in college.

Pretty awesome, right? Well, you can buy one for only $6.99! That is such a great price for such an innovative product. They are available in gray and yellow.
Want to try out something from Dorm Co. for yourself? Then enter our giveaway for a 
$15 Dorm Co. gift card, which would also be great to buy a Christmas gift for that special
college student in your life, or just gift them the gift card, and they can decide what to get!


  1. http://www.dormco.com/5_Piece_College_Food_Container_p/q1-2-1-271kam.htm

    5 piece food containers.

  2. I am a bit broke this year, so I would give this as a gift to my niece.


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