Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coby Kyros MID7036 Tablet Review

      When searching for a tablet, most look for anything that's cheap. Considering the ipad cost $400, and the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets can start at $800, that can be quite a bit to spend, especially if it's for your children. I mean I wouldn't spend nowhere near that much for something that will most likely get dropped and beaten up. But I must admit, a Surface Pro 2 is something I'd love to have, the connective keyboard is just neat in my opinion. I wouldn't pay that much for myself, but hey, maybe one day, but until that day, I had this.

For my birthday last year, I was excited to unwrap a tablet of my own. It was a Coby Kyros MID7036 tablet. It was nice and sleek. The tablet was a perfect size, 7 inches, a great fit for me. It had a real nice looking operating system, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and besides nice looking, it was a breeze to use. It has a music player on it, it plays 1080p HD videos, and like other tablets, you can have a big collection of ebooks. And it was on Amazon for $79.

Within having it for less than a week, I had to return it. I went to plug the charger into it, and the charger port disappeared into the tablet itself. I sent it back, and within a week, I had another. Which worked for almost a full year, but a few days ago, the charging port broke off inside it again. A few other cons to this tablet, it comes with GetJar marketplace, not Google. It doesn't have anything good on it, at all. The screen, you couldn't use a stylus, you had to use your fingertip, and fingernails wouldn't work, like on some tablets. If your not inside, you can't see anything on the screen. The screen would take spells where if I tapped an icon for the internet on the right side of the screen, it would pull up a game, which the icon for was on the left side of the screen. It would do that on a daily basis. These tablets have been discontinued on Coby's website, but if you see one on Amazon or anywhere else, I do not suggest wasting your money.

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